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Honest Joe Poker

4.4 ( 3824 ratings )
Игры Развлечения Карточные Симуляторы
Разработчик Martti Juotasniemi

Honest Joe is a poker bot that plays one-on-one Texas Holdem poker. Practice your poker skills against the bot and try to figure out flaws in its artificial intelligence. Joe is an honest bot which means it is using just its own intelligence for playing and it does not do anything that would be illegal in a regular poker game. Joes decisions are based on its own cards, the open cards on table and your actions. It is not programmed to win certain amount of games by cheating. Joe is not a great player but it offers a fair opponent for practicing your own play.

Joe varies its aggressiveness, sometimes it plays slow and sometimes it tries to bluff. It constantly calculates winning probabilities of its own hand but it doesnt see your cards so you should be able to fool it every once in a while. If you are any good at poker you will be better than Joe in the long run. To help you figure out its playing strategy Joe always reveals its cards at the end of a hand.

The application has a database to collect statistics of your hands and game success. You can view the collected data in various graphs in the statistics part of the app. If you sign in to Game Center your record stack and average winnings will be reported to the global leaderboards and you can compare your results against other players.

If you find the bot too easy to beat you can also play against another player. HonestJoe app offers a possibility to connect two iOS devices over Bluetooth for a live poker game.